Executive  council  minutes

  • Central United Methodist Church

    Executive Council

    Meeting September 19, 2021



    The September meeting of the Executive Council had13 members and 5 church staff present.  Rev. Jimmy Cason opened the meeting with a devotional based on the story of Esther.   Jimmy also went over the 9 steps of a successful church:  1. Have a Purpose; 2. Understand and care for the people we are trying to reach; 3.  Have a great product—do the best you can in accordance to your means; 4. let people know we’re here; 5. have a great follow-up with first time visitors; 6. do whatever it takes and quit making excuses; 7. need the ability to adapt and change when necessary; 8.  Don’t give up when criticized and 9.  the future will never be the same….it will be better.  Our Best days are yet to be.  As in Esther, we might be here for such a time as this!


    MINUTES:  The minutes from the July meeting were presented.  John David Carr moved that they be accepted as written.  Kevin Hatch seconded the motion.  Motion passed


    TRUSTEE REPORT:  Jan Hitt gave a report on the parsonage and the repairs that are being made.  Most of it is completed.  Still working on the master bedroom and bath.  Claire Huff asked who makes recommendation for what we do with the parsonage.  That is usually handled by a Board of Trustees which Central does not have with the present Council system.


    Chairman Ward interjected that this would probably be a good time for Rev. Cason to discuss his ideas regarding a Board of Trustees and a Finance Committee.  Rev. Cason explained that it is his belief that a church our size needs both of those committees. He did state that the Book of Discipline does allow  the Simple Governance format which we are currently under allows for a church to not have those two committees.  However, he wasn’t trying to change that format at this time, but he strongly recommended a Board of Trustees and a Finance Committee to be in place by January.  His ultimate purpose for being here is to prepare the way for a new pastor.


    He suggested that the Nominating Committee be given authority from this council to go ahead and nominate the persons to fill both boards and have them in place by the first of the year.


    Kevin Hatch asked for an explanation of the difference in a full Board and the Simple Governance that we have.  There was discussion as to the pros and cons of each.  After much discussion, Lindsey Prewitt moved that we go back to the Administrative Council form of governance and add a Board of Trustees and a Finance Committee to start in January.  John David Barr seconded her motion.  The motion carried.  This will be presented at Charge Conference in November for approval.


    FINANCE REPORT:  Jan Hitt gave a report on our finances.  We are still doing well financially, but it’s mainly because we have not really gotten back into all our pre-Covid programs.  A copy of the Finance Report is attached to these minutes.  Bill Jacobs moved to accept the Finance Report.  Kathy Busby seconded the motion.  Motion carried.



    STAFFING REPORT:  SPRC Chairman, Bill Jacobs re-introduced Jimmie and welcomed both he and his wife Susan.  Still working on positions for the early service music director and the traditional service choir director.  Bill also informed everyone that the Branning’s would be attending the churchwide picnic on Sunday.  A love offering will be presented to the Branning’s along with our love and appreciation for the 8 years of service to Central.  He encouraged everyone to attend the picnic.


    Claire Huff asked for an update on worship/choir leaders?  Bill Jacobs explained that Jonathan Quigley oversees the early service right now and is doing it voluntarily but indicated that he may be asked to take this on as a permanent member of the church staff.  Bill explained that SPRC is still working on a solution for the traditional service. They are seeking someone as a part time employee.


    LEAD PASTOR REPORT:  Rev. Cason said his main report had already been given, but he would like to host a revival next Spring and ask Bishop Swanson to come lead it.


    EVANGELISM:  Rev. Matt Farmer reported that there are still some problems with livestreaming.  He computers and cables have been upgraded and hope they have the problems under control.


    He also reported that there were 104 in attendance on our first Wednesday night service.  There were 97 in attendance this past Wednesday.


    WOMEN’S MINISTRY:  Amy Nelson recently met with several women of the church to discuss the ministry of our church.  She reported that most were overall content with our two Sunday morning services.  However, they felt there is a gap in some areas of ministry that women could fill:  women’s Bible Study groups; Prayer Shawl ministry; a Meals ministry to serve those suffering a loss or new addition to their family; evangelism; missions, etc.  They decided to have a Women in Missions Kick Off on October 3 during the Sunday School hour for women to sign up to help in different areas and to get input from women on areas that were left out.  On October 19, a Fellowship Night is planned for the women in the church.  These are all intergenerational groups from 18 years and up.  In November, a speaker is planned and some kind of Christmas event to be held in December.  Jennifer McRae is also working on a Women’s Newsletter which will be mailed to all women in the church.


    A discussion followed on how to follow up with new visitors.  No action taken.


    MISSIONS:  Bob Peden would like to see every member involved in some way in Missions.  He would also like to give money during the year to some of the ministries that we already support.  Usually, the monetary support is not given until the end of the year,


    PARSONAGE COMMITTEE:  It was decided that since there is no Board of Trustees at this time, that the Parsonage Committee go ahead and meet and make a recommendation concerning the fate of the Parsonage.  This would be presented to the Council at our next meeting.  Lindsey Prewitt suggested the committee also needs to include the District Superintendent in the meeting and the Methodist Book of Discipline to make sure we meet all conditions and regulations.


    Kevin Hatch suggested that when we go back to a larger Administrative Board that we might need to change our meeting nights to a weeknight.  Some discussion followed, but no action taken.


    There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.  Next meeting will be November 21, 2021.


    Respectfully submitted by Glenda Thomas, Secretary