Executive council minutes

  • Central united methodist church

    executive board

    September 16, 2018


    OPENING:  Bill Jacobs called the meeting to order.  Ken Nelson opened with prayer.  There were 14 members and 4 church staff present.


    READING OF MINUTES:  There were no additions or corrections to the minutes.  Minutes were approved as written.



    August, 2018:  Jan Hitt gave the August, 2018 financial report.  62% received income—a little lower than where we should be, but a little higher than this time last year.  We have paid 50% in Conference Asking.  All expenses for renovation of the Associate Parsonage have been paid and the Parsonage is in really good shape and will be for quite some time.


    2019 Budget:  Jan reported that all areas have turned in a budget request except SPRC.  They are meeting in two weeks and will make their budget at that time.


    It was decided to make a decision about the Building Note before going any further on the budget.  Jan had received a letter from Citizens National Bank in regards to the renewal of our business loan which will mature on September 22, 2018.  We have been paying 4.25 % interest, but that will be going up.  The letter offered several options to be discussed.  A copy of the letter is included with these minutes.  After much discussion, Tim Allred moved that we have a 20 year amortization on a 10 year fixed rate assuming there's no pre-payment penalty.  Ken Nelson seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


    Jan referred everyone to the proposed budget.  John Branning pointed out that Conference Apportionments direct bills churches for pensions and insurance so there will be a slight increase there.  Most areas maintained the same budget from last year with a few exceptions:  Senior Adult Ministry is up a little; Mission Expense has added a program called “I Heart Meridian”.  Matt Farmer explained that the Missions Committee will use that item for local missions.  District Apportionment will go down a little.  Property Maintenance added the cleaning service this year and that's working out well.  Under Utilities, electricity and water will increase, but we generally don't use all the funds designated for this area, so should not have to go up on that area.  We replaced the Air Condition in the Youth area this year and in the office area.  We will, at some point, need to replace the roof over the Sanctuary at a cost of around $25,000.00.  It needs the repair now, but we just do not have the money.  Jan pointed out that there is no money built into the budget for long term maintenance.

    All in all, the 2019 budget will show about a 3% increase over last year, but this is the first increase in several years.  December is usually a really good month for giving as experienced in year's past; however, with the new tax law changes, that might affect giving this year.  After a few more questions and answers, John David Barr moved that we approve the budget contingent on what SPRC adds to the budget.  Mary Johnson seconded his motion. Motion was voted upon and carried.


    TRUSTEES:  Jan reported that Weems is using the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays for their youth.  One of their employees fell a week or so ago in the gym and injured her knee which required surgery.  Weems insurance covered those expenses.  Jan expressed concern that we might need to rethink offering our facility for these purposes.  Jeff McCoy moved that this Board give John Branning and


    Jan Hitt the authority to make the decision to end the program if they feel it is becoming a liability.  The motion was seconded, voted upon, and carried.


    SPRC:  Chairman Kevin Hatch, addressed the issue of the front desk office secretary.  This has been a split ½ day position for two different ladies in the last few years.  However, the morning secretary left a few months ago and it has been hard to find someone who wants to work just half day.  SPRC discussed the issue and has decided it will be best to advertise it as a full-time position with benefits.  The thought is that it will be easier to fill it as a full-time position.  Advertisements will be going out and hopefully this position will be filled and will begin January 1, 2019.


    CHARGE CONFERENCE:  Rev. Branning announced there will be a Charge Conference on October 22 at 6:00 p.m. and urged all members of this Board to be in attendance.  District Superintendent, Dana Goff, will be present.




    BSA:  John Branning reported on a letter from Benji Riddle concerning involving girls in our Boy Scout program.   At the last meeting, there was concern that Amy Gonzalez who is our Girl Scout Leader at present would have concerns about competing with the boy scouts for girls.  Benji Riddle approached Amy and asked her for her opinion.  Amy responded by saying that she has no objections as long as any decision made would be what is best for the children involved.  Paul Goldman moved that we allow girls to participate in either organization.  Amanda Hannigan seconded the motion.  Motion was voted upon and passed.  A copy of Benji's letter is included with these minutes.


    Christie Rainer and the Johnson Home:  At the last meeting Jan reported that Christie Rainer had expressed interest in purchasing the Johnson Home but discussion was delayed until this meeting.  Jan tried to contact Christie for further information, but never heard back from her.


    Tim Allred and his crew will soon begin work on the house to get it ready to be put on the market for sale, hopefully at the beginning of the new year.



    John Branning asked permission for Sabrina Williams to participate in Lay Ministry Academy working on more certification for her Children's Ministry area.  Tim Allred moved to approve.  Sherry Howell seconded the motion.  Motion voted upon and carried.


    John's next door neighbor ran through the parsonage fence with his lawn mower and has offered to pay for and repair the damaged fence.  John wanted permission to just tear down the fence instead.  It is not serving any real purpose.  Jimmy Carle' knows the neighbor and will talk to him about tearing down the fence instead of repairing it.


    The Stewardship Campaign begins next month.  Rev. Branning would like permission to let the Stewardship Committee ask for a little extra “gift” from church members willing to participate on the last Sunday of the campaign.  Any money collected by doing this would be split to go to three agencies who help people in need:  Anderson's Cancer Fund; The Free Clinic; and the Ramp Ministry.  All agreed to go forward with this plan.




    Amanda Hannigan asked if there was anything to report on the new church logo that Matt Farmer has been working on.  John Branning reminded everyone that it was decided to wait until after General Conference to make any decisions about the logo. 


    There was no further business.  Chairman Jacobs dismissed with prayer.


    The next meeting will be November 18th at 5:00 p.m.


    Respectfully submitted by

    Glenda Thomas, Secretary


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