Executive  council  minutes

  • Central United Methodist Church

    Executive Council

    Meeting March 28, 2021

    WELCOME: Tyler Walton opened the meeting in the absence of Chair Kevin Ward. There were 12 members present: David Barr, John David Barr, Richard Beck, Kathy Busbee, Paul Goldman, Kevin Hatch, Bill Jacob, Keith Martin, Amy Nelson, Teresa Partridge, Lindsey Prewitt, Tyler Walton and 4 Church Staff: John Branning, Matt Farmer, Jan Hitt, and Glenda Thomas


    DEVOTIONAL: Reverend John Branning said our focus at this time is on the Resurrection and pondering in our own hearts what Central will be as we are coming out of the restrictions from COVID-19. Our vision will more than likely be different, but that does not mean it cannot be better.


    APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Tyler called on everyone to read over the minutes. Richard Beck moved that the minutes be approved as written. John David Barr seconded his motion. Motion carried.


    TRUSTEE REPORT: Jan Hitt reported that the repair of the gas leak is complete and the total cost was $11,000.00, which is less than was expected. She also reported that the main parsonage needs repair. Very little has been done to it over the last 8 years. The skylight leaks and the walls are water damaged. The landscaping in the front yard needs work. The foliage is dying. The deck on the back is in serious disrepair. Jan suggested that she and Tim Allred be given permission to do a walk through and list all areas that need repair; get estimates on the repair; and bring the info back to this council. Lindsey Prewitt moved that this board give Jan and Tim permission to do this and begin with the landscaping. David Barr seconded her motion. Motion was voted upon and carried.


    Jan also reminded this board that the budget set aside for installing and updating high definition cameras in the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall was set for $30,000. However, in the process of going ahead with this project, the new estimated cost was $39,000. Since we did not have that money in the budget, the process was put on hold. Tim Wise, Tom Stuckman, and Kevin Ivey have come up with a plan to do this on their own and keep the cost down to the original $30,000 or maybe less.


    FINANCE REPORT: Jan reported that we continue to do well, even during the pandemic. Our members have stayed faithful in their giving. We received 17% of our budgeted income by the end of February, which is usually around 16%. It was noted that the total expenses are down as well due to the pandemic.  As we start reopening our programming, spending will increase. A copy of February’s financial report is included with these minutes.


    Jan also reported that a generous church member has donated $150,000 to the church with no restrictions on how it should be used. John suggested that some of this be put under maintenance to help when unexpected emergencies occur. After a good bit of discussion, the motion was made by Bill Jacob to place it in Central’s Endowment Fund through the Methodist Foundation, with no restrictions on the use of the funds. John David Barr seconded the motion. Motion carried.


    SPRC: Chairman Bill Jacob reported that the search is on for a full-time youth minister. The committee has interviewed one person and has another scheduled in April. Hopefully, he will have a recommendation to present to this board very soon. Salary for this was not included in this year’s budget.  At the time of hire, this Board will need to amend the budget to include a salary for this position.


    LEAD PASTOR REPORT: Rev. Branning said that today’s services felt like we are on our way to getting our congregation back to church. He also reported that staff, under the leadership of Matt Farmer, are putting together a survey to go out to our members regarding our vision going forward. It is expected that coming back after such a long hiatus will be different. The survey should help us decide what areas need to be continued, what needs to be discarded, or what areas need to be changed.


    Rev. Branning also reported that General Conference will be meeting probably in the fall of 2022 to make the final decision on where the United Methodist Church is headed. It very clearly looks as if there will be division of some sort. We will more than likely, as a church, decide if we will stay with whatever the General Conference becomes, change to a Traditional format, or choose to go our own way. John asked that we continue to be in prayer for our church and the United Methodist Church as a whole.


    Tyler Walton asked John what the procedure will be for voting. John reported that the usual procedure will be as follows:

    1. General Conference will meet and vote on the issues presented.

    2. Annual Conferences will bring the results back to their regions and give a report on what was voted upon at General Conference and vote on what our Annual conference will do.

    3. Delegates from Annual Conference will bring the decisions back to the local church and present choices.

    4. The local church will then make the decision on how to proceed from that point.


    Lindsey Prewitt asked some questions about the survey reported on earlier. The questions will encompass all areas of our church programming: worship, Wednesday night activities, children, youth, missions, etc. The idea is to establish our vision and decide how we accomplish it. David Barr suggested that Focus Groups be set up to help sort through the information. The Executive Board will play a large part in the decision making, also.


    There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


    Respectfully submitted by Secretary, 

    Glenda Thomas