Executive council minutes

  • Central united methodist church

    executive board

    March 18, 2018

    The meeting was called to order by Chairman Bill Jacob. Rev. John Branning led the devotion and ended with communion and Passing of the Peace. There were 15 members present and 4 church staff.

    Susan Ledbetter moved that the minutes from the January meeting be approved as written. Amanda Hanegan seconded. Motion passed

    FINANCE: Jan Hitt, presented the finance report. We are a slightly ahead where we were this time last year, mainly due to pre-paid giving in December. A copy of the Financial Report is attached to these minutes.

    CHILDREN'S CENTER: Jan also gave a report on the Children's Center's fall registration. The budget is based on 62 paying students. At the present we have 60 paying students, 1 paying half tuition, and 1 non-paying teacher's child. This registration was better than last year, and we expect to pick up more in the next few months.


    JOHNSON HOUSE: The Johnson's have officially moved, and the home now belongs to the church with the understanding that it will not be sold for one year. There are improvements that need to be made before selling. Tim Allred has inspected the house and has come up with a plan/estimate to do the renovations. A copy of his recommendation is attached. He will use his men to make the changes and will not bill the church until the home is sold. After some discussion, Jeff McCoy moved that we accept Tim's proposal. Susan Ledbetter seconded the motion. Motion was voted on and passed.

    CLEANING SERVICE: Jan reported that we have lost another one of our custodial staff and we are down to one full-time and one-part time. It is very hard to find and keep people who want to do this job. Due to a limited work pool, she has contacted a cleaning service. Their estimate is attached. They will come each day during office hours to clean. Tyrone will over-see all of this and will remain as head custodian. There will be no contract. We will have the option to drop out of this agreement if we decide it is not working and the cleaning service will also have that option. It will cost a little more to begin with but may decrease once the cleaning service determines the number of hours needed. After much discussion Jerry Mason moved that we give Jan permission to hire the cleaning service. Susan Ledbetter seconded the motion. Motion carried.

    REQUEST FROM JUNIOR AUXIALIARY: The Jr. Aux. previously met at the church but left when we began to charge them using our Usage Policy as guide. They have asked if they can return and meet some mornings along with night meetings. After much discussion, Tim Allred moved that we allow them meet during the day while the church is open for free as long as their meetings do not interfere with church activities and charge ($130.00) for the night meetings. They will be offered the Adult Activity room for their meetings and must not impose on the church for special conditions. John David Barr seconded the motion. Motion carried.

    SECURITY TEAM: Due to recent security issues involving churches, Central is in the process of forming a Security Team. Jan reported that there are 14 church members on this team to date. Some members will travel to Forest on Saturday to Precision Shooting  to attend their class on Church Security. The morning will be classroom instruction with afternoon shooting on the range. Team members will be disbursed equally between services and church activities once fully trained. Names of these individuals will not be made public but will be recorded with the police department. They will also be trained to evacuate in case of tornadoes, fire or other emergencies. We will still utilize our paid security officers. This group will have to abide by all the guidelines stated in the  Church Protection Act for Mississippi as well as guidelines that the Untied Methodist Church develops.

    STAFFING REPORT: Kevin Hatch, Chairman of the SPRC, reported that Dennis Gossett will be assigned to another church in June. Not sure where that will be at this time. Kevin took the opportunity to thank Dennis for his years of service to Central and wish him well in his new church. John has interviewed six possible candidates for Associate Pastor and re-interviewed one. The plan is to hire someone young for the position and put him/her over Mission and Evangelism. They also plan to hire Tim Wise as full-time music and Senior Adult activities. Tim Allred asked if there were needed repairs or renovations for the parsonage that Dennis will be vacating. The Parsonage Committee will have to investigate that, and any renovations will have to be done once Dennis moves out and before the new Pastor moves in.

    Next meeting is scheduled for May 20, 2018. (Rescheduled for July 29)

    There being no further business, John Branning closed the meeting with prayer.

    Respectfully submitted by

    Secretary, Glenda Thomas

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