Currently, Central does not have a Sanctuary Choir Director, so there are no rehearsals to prepare for anthems or special music for the 11:00 Traditional services.  However, the Sanctuary Choir still leads the congregation in singing hymns.  

If you are led to sing with the Sanctuary Choir, we welcome you!  Join us on Sunday mornings in the *choir room at 10:45 to get a choir robe.  We will then go to the choir loft in time for the 11:00 Traditional service.  Central looks forward to the Sanctuary Choir providing this important and vital ministry during the Traditional services. 

Thank You


The Sanctuary Choir is a group of people of all ages who share the love of music and the Lord.  This group leads the congregation in singing and performs a special anthem each Sunday morning during the 11:00 Traditional worship service.  

During rehearsals, the choir learns music notes, dynamics, the proper way to sing, and word diction for each anthem.  Sight reading knowledge is a plus but not required to learn any of our music.    

Rehearsals are held on Wednesdays  in the *choir room, unless otherwise stated. If you are interested in singing with the Sanctuary Choir, tell someone in the choir or simply add your voice by attending a rehearsal. 

*The choir room is located directly behind the fellowship hall.  If you need help locating it, ask a staff or church member and someone will help you.  For further questions, please contact the church office at 601-693-1521.