AUGUST 15, 2022



CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Chairman Kevin Hatch. There were 16 members and 6 members of church staff present. This was the first Administrative Council with new pastor, Rev. Rick Brooks so everyone introduced themselves and told a little about themselves.


DEVOTIONAL: The devotional was led by Rev. Brooks based on Acts 2. Rev. Brooks talked about our vision for Central and what should we do.


MINUTES: Ronnie Walton moved that the minutes be approved as written. Clair Huff seconded his motion. Motion carried.


FINANCE REPORT: Jeff McCoy is chairman of this committee, but is recuperating from surgery. Jan Hitt made the report for him. Since there are new members to the Board, Jan explained the report as written and especially the reference to the Children’s Center. The operating account balance for Central is $254,746.00. The Children’s Center shows a balance of $70,000.00. Jan also explained that the last three pages is a summary of all the budgeted accounts. Jan offered to answer any questions about the report . A copy of the report is included with the secretary's records.  Jan also presented the budget for the Children’s Center. Lawrence Mason moved that the Finance report be accepted and approved. Tyler Walton seconded the motion. Motion carried.


TRUSTEE REPORT: There was no report from the Board of Trustees


SPRC: Lawrence Mason reported that we have been without a Youth Minister for 6 months and there are no candidates for this position. There was a recommendation for the SPRC to hire a search firm called Ministry Architects. A copy of their proposal is attached to these minutes. It is a 19 month investment of $59,978.00. First month’s payment would be $8,678.00. Remaining monthly payments (for 18 months) will be $2,850.00. This being a recommendation from the SPRC, no second was needed. After some discussion, there was a vote. Motion passed to hire this firm.



Bob Peden reported that Central donated $2,000.00 to the Ramp Ministry. However, all supplies have gone up in cost. Bob reminded everyone that the Ramp Ministry will take donations. The missions team is involved in the Food Ministry through New Life Community Food Bank, Wesley House, and Meals on Wheels. All are connected with the Mississippi Food Network and part of Feeding America. They give out 90 bags of food every Saturday.


Matt Farmer is still working with the Youth on Sunday evenings. They divide the youth into High School and Middle School groups. Matt is still working on the church website.


Sabrina Williams thanked everyone for voting positively for the Search group since we are really in need of a Youth Minister. This Sunday there will be Parent Meetings for both children and youth. The Confirmation Class is meeting separately on Sunday mornings during Sunday School with Wyn and Lindsey Joyner as leaders. They will meet for 37 weeks. They will, however, be included with the youth groups on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights.

Activities coming up: Trunk or Treat in October and the Advent Fair Thanksgiving weekend. Rotation Sunday School got started back this past Sunday.


Amy Nelson reported on the Women’s Ministry and how active they have been in various areas. The year has been planned with a Charcuterie Event as the “kick-off” event on September 20. Two events in the works are a night with Jonathan Quigley and a Women’s Retreat.


Reverend Rick Brooks reported that he is enjoying working with the church staff. He announced that Reverend Bob Rambo will be our guest speaker in October to start our Stewardship Campaign. He also talked about Wednesday night studies. He ended by telling everyone he has an open door policy and we are to feel free to drop by any time.


OCTOBER MEETING: Our next meeting will be October 24.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted by Glenda Thomas, Secretary.