• May 27th - Food Packing
  • May 28th - Day of Pentecost
  • May 29th - Church Office & CCC Closed
  • June 20th-22nd - VBS
  • July 7th-10th - Youth | M28 at Lake Junaluska
  • July 10th-12th & July 10th-15th - Elementary Summer Camps

Youth summer camp

Our youth will, once again, be traveling to Lake Junaluska for M28 July 7th-10th!   If your youth is interested, please contact Sabrina Williams (601-479-2178) or Rev. Matt Farmer (601-616-7543). 

  • Watch for registration info on social media!

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Children’s Center

The Children’s Center is getting ready for their  End-Of-The-Year Program/Graduation which will be Tuesday, May 16, at 6:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall.  All are invited to attend.


We are still in the process of taking applications for our fall program which will begin in August.  For information, call Glenda Thomas at 601-693-0830 or you may pick up a registration form from the bulletin board in the front hall of the Children’s Center area. 

Good news…change is coming, but not until the fall of 2024.  We will be changing from a half-day school year program to a full-day/year-round program.  Registration for the full-day/year-round program will be in February of 2024.  Spread the word!!

Pastor’s PEN

Dear Central Family,


In her book that has now become a modern classic, Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership, Riley Haley Barton writes of her experience with intercessory prayer. She claims that as she has deepened her capacity to be with God with what is true about herself and has learned more about how to wait for God’s deliverance in her own life, it has changed her approach to praying for others, as well as, her understanding of intercessory prayer. She now realizes that intercessory prayer is not primarily about thinking that she knows what someone else needs and trying to wrestle it from God. Rather, it is being present to God on another’s behalf, listening for the prayer of the Holy Spirit that is already being prayed for that person before the throne of grace, and being willing to join God in that prayer.

Barton gives an example of this in regard to how she uses prayer lists. Now, as she sits quietly in God’s presence daily, she sees who God brings to mind and heart. As they come into her awareness, she invites them into that place where God’s Spirit and her spirit are communing, and “we sit together with that person.” She doesn’t feel burdened by the need to figure anything out or to say words that indicate that she somehow has a handle on the situation: “It is enough to share the love, the rest, and the care of God with them in this way” (148).

I find Barton’s words helpful in taking to heart Jesus’ command to “love one another . . . as I have loved you” (John 13: 34). Perhaps the biggest incentive we can imagine for sitting together with God and another person from time to time is knowing that the living Christ himself intercedes for us through the Spirit (Romans 8: 26) with sighs deeper than any words imaginable. 

As we continue to celebrate the Easter season, may we be attuned to how God is always inviting us more deeply into His love and living presence.



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    Contemporary Worship

    Fellowship Hall


    Sunday School


    Traditional Worship


    At Central, we are all about living life connected and want to connect with you!  We have two in-person and livestream Worship Services each week.  If you are unable to come to in-person Worship Services, you can join us via livestream by clicking on any of the icons listed below.  Once there, please take a moment to check-in so we will know that you have joined us via livestream.


    To view Contemporary or Traditional Worship Services on Central's Facebook page, click on the icon above.


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    Place of Worship

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    5:00 -6:30

    The Zone, Club 412, & Youth

    resumes in the fall after May 7th

  • 9:00-9:40 AM

    Chair Yoga 

    3rd Floor | No charge

    Yoga Room

    behind the Sanctuary balcony

  • 9:30

    Tuesday Morning

    Women’s Bible Study

    3rd Floor

    Adult Activities Room



    Chair Yoga

    3rd Floor | No charge

    Yoga Room

    behind the Sanctuary balcony


    Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal

    see ShelbyNext calendar for rehearsal times and location


    MidWeek Meal

    resumes in the fall


    MidWeek Gathering

    All Ages

    resumes in the fall

  • Noon-1:00 PM

    Women's Community

    Bible Study - NO LONGER MEETING

    3rd Floor

    3rd Thursday of each month

    Bring your own lunch


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Rev. Dr. Rick Brooks     662-871-5602

Rev. Matt Farmer          601-616-7543

Rev. Bob Peden              601-938-7868

Mrs. Sabrina Williams  601-479-2178


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