Watch a video of pictures from "back when" shown in 2010 during  the 150th anniversary celebration.

Central United Methodist Church has been a part of our community since the first Methodists came to Lauderdale County in 1852. These Methodists worshipped in a log cabin and depended on circuit riders to conduct their services. 

The congregation moved several times -- from one log structure into another frame and log building that was also used as barracks during the Civil War. This structure was eventually moved by oxen to four downtown lots that had been purchased.

In 1885, when the congregation decided to build a new brick and stone building, the log building was again moved by oxen where it became the Fifth Street Methodist Church.

Between 1885 and 1888, the church --sometimes called First Church -- became known as Central. The brick and stone structure burned to the ground in 1913. The congregation met in the Lauderdale County Courthouse for six years as a new building was built on the present location. The cornerstone was laid on August 11, 1918 and the new church was opened for use on August 10, 1919.

In our present location, Central has continued to grow and thrive. Over the years, the church has expanded to include the city block between 10th and 11th Streets. Two new education buildings, a chapel, two sanctuary restorations, a fellowship hall, and activities center are just a few pieces of the growth that Central has experienced.

Today, Central is a thriving congregation of Christians worshipping together and growing in faith. We invite you to come be a part of our history.


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