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Central'S Children's Center (CCC) directed by Glenda Thomas

Our center is located at 23rd Avenue between the Chapel and Sanctuary ENTRANCE  

QUESTIONS?  CALL 601-693-0830

Are you interested in our 2023 Fall Program? Applications are still being accepted and registration forms can be found on the bulletin board located in the front hall of the Children's Center. If you have any inquiries or require additional information, please feel free to reach out to Glenda Thomas at 601-693-0830.

"Each child is special and that 'special-ness' comes from God."

At Central's Children's Center, our goal is to support the growth and preparation of young children for kindergarten through cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual development. We utilize activities tailored to each child's developmental stage to foster individual progress. Our center is licensed by the Mississippi State Board of Health and currently serves approximately 100 children.

  • Our program offers a variety of activities to help children develop their arts and crafts, language and vocabulary, fine and gross motor skills, perception, pre-math abilities, and sensory experiences.  
  • Our curriculum includes a variety of activities such as songs, finger plays, dramatic play, and free play.
  • Children between the ages of three and four can attend two music lessons per week.
  • Additionally, we hold Christmas and end-of-year programs, as well as fun field trips and classroom parties throughout the year.
  • In the spring, we organize a Trike-A-Thon to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.



To register toddlers for preschool, they must have turned one year old before September 1st. The registration period is in February every year.  If you want to receive registration materials or notifications, please contact Glenda Thomas or call CCC at 601-693-0830.


The entrance to CCC can be found on 23rd Avenue between the Chapel and the Sanctuary and requires a passcode for entry. To visit the Children's Center, please ring the doorbell for access.


$230 per child/month

$100 registration fee

[new students]

$85 registration fee

[returning students]

To obtain further details, please contact Glenda Thomas, Director of Central's Children's Center, or call 601-693-0830 to reach CCC.