Where are you?

Are you a follower of Jesus, yet wanting to grow deeper in your faith, but not exactly sure how to do that? Or, are you trying to figure out this whole 'Jesus-following' thing? You may be wondering, "What next?" That's a great question because as followers of Jesus we are constantly asking this as we grow in our faith. 

So where are you in your faith journey? Explore the questions below that best describe where you are in your faith journey. 

Do you know the love of God through Salvation?

Do you want to experience his love and salvation for you? 

Are you not sure where you are?

Do you have more questions?

Contact John Branning if you want to know more about becoming a follower of Jesus?

Join our Community of Faith


If you are new to Meridian or Central, we want to get to know you. One of our pastoral staff will arrange a time to talk with you about your faith journey. 

Rev. John Branning

Rev. Dennis Gossest

Rev. Bob Peden


If you've discussed your desire to become a member with one of our pastors, you may come forward at the conclusion of worship on any Sunday and unite with us. If a person has never been baptized, we will need to know this to schedule your baptism either on the day you join or at a later time. 

8:30 Contemporary

9:45 Connect Service

10:55 Traditional


You may also attend a "Coffee with the Pastors" and join there. Our CWTP events are held several times a year. ALL NEW MEMBERS ARE EXPECTED TO ATTEND A CWTP. People can attend, and in a small-group setting learn more about Central, its mission, and membership expectations. Those who desire to join may do so at the conclusion of the CWTP.

If interested in coming to the Next Coffee With The Pastors, Click Here!

Join a Community Group

At Central we value, life is better connected. We believe that being apart of a community is essential to building your relationship with Christ and connecting with other people! Click on picture below if you are willing to take the next step! 

Invite Someone with you

What is the first thing you do when you eat a great food place? You invite them to go with you next time! Life is better connected! We truly believe that! Invite a friend by click the picture below that takes them to our website. Send them a text, email them, connect them to our social media outreach listed below!