sunday school

Central offers a variety of opportunities in Sunday School settings for everyone (Toddler - Adult).  Classes meet beginning at 9:45 each Sunday morning throughout the church. For information concerning classes, teachers, locations, or a downloadable Sunday School brochure, click here.

  • Adult Sunday School

    To gain a better understanding of the Christian principles we hold dear, we offer a varied set of learning opportunities for adults that range from customized classes, open discussion type forums, Bible study, to Community environments. Adult Sunday School Classes, (located on both the 2nd & 3rd Floor), offer a wide variety of curriculum and class make-up. We encourage you to use this as a guide for finding the perfect opportunity for community within our church family. If you have any questions or we can be of help, please contact our church office. Any of our staff will be happy to assist you.

  • Youth Sunday School - 6th - College

    Students participate in life application of Bible truths through large and small group style learning and in worship settings. Worship is led by the Student Praise Band.

  • Children - 1st - 5th Grade

    Children 1st - 5th Grade participate in Rotation Sunday School.  This program is based on multi-intelligence learning.  Each week, students participate in different workshops linked to the topic that is being taught.  For more information, visit the Children's Ministry Page, Elementary.

  • Nursery - 5 year Kindergarten

    Children, Toddlers - 5 K student the Deep Blue Curriculum, learning of God's love and some of the major stories of the Bible.  During this time, they also have the opportunity to participate in Children's Choir each Sunday morning.