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    At Central, we are all about living life connected and want to connect with you!  We have two in-person and livestream Worship Services each week.  If you are unable to come to in-person Worship Services, you can join us via livestream by clicking on any of the icons listed below.  Once there, please take a moment to check-in so we will know that you have joined us via livestream.


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    5:00 -6:30

    The Zone, Club 412, & Youth

    resumes in the fall

  • 9:00-9:40 AM

    Chair Yoga 

    3rd Floor | No charge

    Yoga Room

    behind the Sanctuary balcony



    Chair Yoga

    3rd Floor | No charge

    Yoga Room

    behind the Sanctuary balcony


    Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal

    see ShelbyNext calendar for rehearsal times and location


    MidWeek Meal

    resumes in the fall


    MidWeek Gathering

    All Ages

    resumes in the fall

Pastor’s PEN

Up the Down Staircase is a book about a schoolteacher. In this teacher’s school, one set of steps was used for going up and another for coming down. According to the school rules, one should not be found going up the down staircase.

Sometimes we religious people get in trouble by trying “to go up the down staircase.” Like so many mistakes, this one is committed by the most dedicated, sincere persons. It happens all around the world and in many religions. It is urged on followers, who are told, “It is a long struggle, but it is worth it, so continue the steep and glorious experience of climbing up to God.” Christians do not believe this, for this is climbing up the down staircase.

Veteran United Methodist Pastor W. Ferris Stowe shared a story about a friend of his, a missionary to India, talking one day with a guru of the Hindu faith. In their conversation, the Indian wise man said to Jim, “We are all alike. All are seeking to climb up to God. You are climbing in your way, and we in ours, but the goal for both is to join God, isn’t it?”

“No,” said Jim. “That is how we are different. We, Christians, do not believe anyone is strong enough or good enough to climb up to God. We believe in a God who has come down to people…to us!” You might say this is the difference between Christianity and every other religion. We believe Christ our Lord has come down to us from the Father.

To be honest, I spend a good bit of time trying to remember that the down staircase belongs to Christ, to recognize the Christ among us and to receive the gifts of His grace, of forgiveness, of new life and purpose, and of power and eternal love. It is out of this “first love” that He then calls us to follow in His way, to wash one another’s feet, and to bear one another’s burdens. I want to always be ready to point to the stairs and say, “See, Christ is coming down the stairs, coming to you where you are, calling you by name.”



Our youth will once again have the opportunity to attend summer camp from July 7th-10th. This is a wonderful experience for fellowship, spiritual growth, and lots of fun!  


Questions?  Contact Sabrina Williams, Children & Family Ministries Director (601-479-2178) or Matt Farmer, Associate Pastor (601-616-7543).  

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CENTRAL'S  Children’s  Center

2023 Fall Program: 

We are in the process of taking applications for our fall program.  Registration forms are available on the bulletin board in the front hall of the Children's Center.  If you have questions or need more information, please contact Glenda Thomas (601-693-0830).

2024 Fall Program: 

We will be changing from a half-day/school-year program to a full-day/year-round program in the fall of 2024. Registration will begin in February 2024.

Joshua 1:9

“Haven’t I commanded you?  

Strength! Courage! Don’t be timid; don’t get discouraged.

God, your God, is with you every step you take.”


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