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    Contemporary Worship

    Fellowship Hall


    Sunday School


    Traditional Worship


    At Central, we are all about living life connected and want to connect with you!  We have two in-person and livestream Worship Services each week.  If you are unable to join us at in-person Worship Services, you can join us via live stream by clicking on any of the icons listed below.  Once there, please take a moment to check in so we will know that you have joined us via live stream.


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    Place of Worship

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    5:00 -6:30

    The Zone, Club 412, & Youth

    resumes September 10th

  • 9:00-10:00 AM

    Chair Yoga 

    3rd Floor | No Charge

    Yoga Room

    behind the Sanctuary balcony

  • 9:30-11:00

    Tuesday Morning Bible Study

    3rd Floor | Adult Activities Room

    August 8th-December 12th



    Chair Yoga

    3rd Floor | No Charge

    Yoga Room

    behind the Sanctuary balcony


    Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal

    see ShelbyNext calendar for rehearsal times and location


    MidWeek Meal

    resumes September 6th


    MidWeek Gathering

    resumes September 6th


2023 Fall Program:

Our fall program is still accepting applications. You can find registration forms on the bulletin board in the front hall of the Children's Center. If you require additional information or have any questions, please contact Glenda Thomas at 601-693-0830.

2024 Fall Program:

Effective fall 2024, our program will transition from a half-day/school-year format to a full-day/year-round schedule. Registration for the new program is set to open in February of that year.

Pastor’s PEN

One thing we know about life is that it refuses to stand still. But what is amazing – sometimes confounding – is that sometimes success ends up as failure and failure may be the royal road to success. As long as there is life, there is great hope, for no one needs to stay the way he or she is. A miracle can come in a minute or through a whole lifetime.

When Ernest Hemingway won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1954, his novel The Old Man and the Sea was cited during the presentation. It is the story of an old Cuban fisherman who had gone for eighty-four days without so much as a catch. On the eighty-fifth day, he went out farther into the sea and a giant marlin took his deepest bait. The struggle between fish and fisherman ensued. The fisherman pulled day and night with his small skiff, until on the third day, the exhausted marlin surfaced. With hands torn and bleeding and his body aching with pain, the old man had won the battle. Or had he?

The fisherman lashed the eighteen-foot giant to the boat, raised his sail, and began the long trip back. Then came the sharks – first one, then a pair, and then more. The old man fought them until he had nothing more to fight with. They tore the meat from the fish until, when shortly before daylight the fisherman landed in his harbor, all that was left of the magnificent catch was the skeleton. His victory ended in defeat.

When we look around, we see how often this happens - after a terrible struggle only the skeleton of some fine victory remains.

But it can be just the opposite. Jesus gave everything of himself, but the crowds left him. We hear him almost plaintively asking his disciples, “Will you also go away?” Then, in the Garden of Gethsemane, he pleaded that the cup might pass, but it didn’t. Then he was arrested, tried, beaten, spit on, and crucified. No one looking on could have given any opinion of his effort except failure. But on the third day, there was sunrise and proclamation: “He lives!” Failure from our human perspective had become magnificent success for humankind. We cannot fully explain how that victory was achieved, but you can be sure it was all wrapped up in Jesus’ final statement, “Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit.”

Two different stories, one about an old fisherman, the other of a young carpenter – stories about the success and failure of our little enterprise and about how one never knows the verdict until God’s final touch.

In Christ, Rick


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