Apps for Apple and Android

Membership Directory

  1. In your App store search for "ShelbyNext"
  2. Download and install the "ShelbyNext | Membership" app
  3. Open the ShelbyNext Membership app
  4. In place of "domain" insert "cumcmdn"
  5. In the Name field insert your name First.Last (notice that there are no spaces but that there is a period between the first name and last name.)
  6. If you know your password insert it here otherwise click "forgot password?"
  7. You will receive an email with a random password.
  8. Insert that password in the field (You will probably want to change that password to one you can remember.)
  9. If this does not work then you may not have entered your name as we have it on file. (Generally, your first name is your preferred name in Shelby) 


  1. In your App store search for "ShelbyNext."
  2. Download and install the ShelbyNext | Giving app. 
  3. You will need to establish an account the first time, with your credit card or bank account information. 
  4. You can then use the app to make donations to any of Central's funds, even using the other field to specify a fund that is not listed.

Central Information App

In your app store search for "Central Community."

If you need to narrow the search further add "Methodist" and/or "Meridian."