Central now has in-person worship.  You are required to sign up each week if you would like to attend a service.  There will be a traditional service and a contemporary worship service at 10:00 every Sunday morning.  These services  will happen simultaneously.  If you are not able to attend, there will be a different service available for you to watch via livestream.  

In order to comply with the CDC guidelines to have services, the following guidelines must be followed:  

  1. Mask - Everyone wears a mask.  If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you.  
  2. Hand sanitizer use - Hand sanitizers are stationed at each entrance.  Whether you enter at 22nd Ave., 23rd Ave. or the garage, use the hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the building.  
  3. Temperature check - At each entrance, your temperature will be taken with a digital thermometer to make sure you do not have a fever before proceeding further into the church building.  

To attend a service, sign-up is required in advance so preparations can be made for social distancing with the seating arrangements.  Once  you have signed up, your last name will be placed on the chair/pew where you and/or your family will be sitting during the service you signed up for.  You can sign up by clicking on this link