covid-19 Update

To Our Central Family,

As you may have already heard, our resident bishop has requested that all Mississippi Churches halt in-person gatherings, effective immediately, due to the spike in COVID-19 positive cases in Mississippi. Below is an excerpt from his letter regarding this request. 


"Although the governor’s order does not apply to churches, as your episcopal leader, please adhere to this request for all churches in the Mississippi Conference to cease and desist all in-person gatherings at church—including drive-in church services—until further notice. As the body of Christ, it is incumbent upon us to rise to a higher standard and not to a lower one. What’s happening in our state, our nation and around the globe is a serious matter. Children of God, sheltering in place is not a new concept for the body of believers. Similar to a time when Moses told the Israelites that God said to stay in their homes under the cover of the blood of the lamb until the angel of death passed over—that is the reality of the times we are living in right now. There are several biblical references to quarantine, especially for persons exposed to illnesses like leprosy. They were told not to defile the “camp of those in whose midst I dwell” –Numbers 5:3, just to name one. Remember to love one another as you love yourself.

In light of the bishop's request, we will be suspending all in-person services until further notice. 

We will continue with livestream services as normal.

You're pastors and church staff will continue to bring you a fresh and inspired worship experience each week. 

We will also be closely monitoring the situation and will continue to be in contact with the state and district leaders of our denomination to plan for when we will be able to gather together again for worship. 

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