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    January 21, 2018

    The January meeting of the Executive Council was called to order by Chairman Bill Jacob.  Jeff McCoy led the group in prayer.  Rev. John Branning led the devotional and served communion.  There were 12 members present and three church staff members present.


    Before following the agenda, Bill Jacob reported that Sherry Howell has agreed to serve as Vice Chair.  Jeff McCoy moved that we elect Sherry as Vice Chair.  Susan Ledbetter seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


    Chairman Jacob called for a silent reading of the minutes for November and the December special called meeting.  After which, Jeff McCoy moved that the minutes be accepted as written.  Jerry Mason seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


    Chairman Jacob asked for someone to serve as a representative on the Children's Center Board which meets at 8:45 a.m. on the last Wednesday of each month.  None present could serve in this capacity due to their own work schedules.  Chairman Jacob appointed David Barr as the representative.  David was not present.  The Chairman will discuss with David.



    Jan Hitt reported that we fell a little short in December as compared to the same period last year; but have paid Conference askings in full; bought 2 new vans; paid over $100,000 on note on building loan; funded all mission items in our budget except the Haiti school that Kristina has initiated when she was mission chair.   A copy of the finance report will be filed with these minutes in Secretary's handbook.


    Jan handed out a copy of the Stewardship Campaign Final Report which is attached with these minutes.   Have pledges for $1,282,039.00....largest pledge campaign in over 10 years.  We have a 3 year commitment with the company who handled the campaign and will keep that commitment.  However, we will probably let them do all the copy work and let us do the actual mailing.  There were a few problems with the mail-outs, but otherwise everything worked fine.


    Jan also reminded us that we have some who give every year but do not fill out a pledge commitment.  Any left-over monies at the end of the year will go toward the building fund.


    Jan and John Branning were open to questions.



    Jan reminded us that the heating/air unit on the 4th floor youth area is not functioning and that will have to be addressed.  The bid to repair/replace is $11,366.00.  We replaced the roof on the gym and closed the leaking skylights this past year using funds from an old Capitol Improvement account.  There is approximately $7,000 remaining in that account which could go towards the heat/air unit.


    Amanda Hannigan asked about the potholes in the parking lot across the street.  That has been put on hold for the time being.  The roof on the sanctuary needs an estimated $45,000 or more repair.  John Drake is patching at present.  The carpet in Fellowship Hall


    will need replacing in the near future. It is showing a lot of wear and tear.  Should Dennis leave, the parsonage where he lives will need some upgrading before a new pastor moves in.  These are just a few of the projects that will need to be addressed very soon.


    Susan Ledbetter moved that the remaining $7,000 in the Old Capitol Improvement Account go towards the repair of the heating/air unit on the fourth floor.  Amanda Hannigan seconded the motion. Motion carried.


    STAFFING REPORT:  Rev. Branning announced that Kevin Hatch is the new Chairman of the SPRC committee.  In Kevin's absence, Rev Branning reported that the appointment process has begun.  John has been informed that he will be reappointed to Central.  Nothing definite on Dennis, yet, but a good possibility that he will be appointed somewhere else.


    The discussion thus far in the event Dennis is appointed elsewhere is to hire a younger associate pastor, which could reduce the financial packet for this position.  This young person would be over Missions.  Hire Tim Wise, Choir Director, as full time, and put him in charge of all Senior Adult activities.


    John also reported that Bob Peden thinks he may have someone to hire as organist for the 11:00 a.m. service.  He asked that Bob be authorized to negotiate a salary up to $18,000.00.  Martha Wright so moved; Sherry Howell seconded.  Motion carried.


    John feels that 2017 was a “banner” year with good attendance overall.  He discussed the advantages of this new Executive Council format.  Smaller group can handle maters quicker without going through several different channels. With a smaller group, some issues can be handled through email.   This group is the final authority on all issues concerning the church.  Sunday evening seems to be a good time for meeting.


    Next meeting will be March 18.


    There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


    Respectfully submitted by secretary

    Glenda Thomas



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