Executive council minutes

  • Central united methodist church

    executive board

    September 17,  2017

    The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Archie McDonnell.  There were 16 members and 4 church staff present.  Rev. John Branning led the group devotional and communion.  Minutes were approved as written.


    FINANCE REPORT:   Jan Hitt reported that our cash flow was down due to summer and designated funds that were spent out of the operating cash account for renovations in the nursery.


    TRUSTEE REPORT:   Jan Hitt reported that the roof repair on the gym is complete.  The youth floor has an old air condition unit with a cracked coil and is not cooling properly. Cost to repair is $6,000.00 with a 60-day warranty.  The cost of a new unit is approximately $11,000.00 with a warranty of 5 years.  We do not have the money now to replace the unit.   Jan recommended that we make do with the old one until after the new year.  Charles Ledbetter moved to accept Jan's recommendation.  David Barr seconded the motion.  Motion was voted on and carried.


    John Branning reported that he and Jan are gathering budget information from each church staff member and Jan will put together a temporary 2018 budget based on information gathered.  Jan will send a copy via email to each member to look over and encouraged members to ask questions.


    The Stewardship campaign is ready to begin.  John has put together a pastoral letter to go out to members.  Selected church members will gather together and write their own letters as a testimony to why they tithe or contribute to give that “personal touch”.  Pledge cards will not be mailed out.  They will be dispersed on Commitment Sunday which will be the last Sunday in October.   The theme is “Create our Legacy; Connect our Community”. Two things that will be highlighted in the campaign:  More emphasis on Missions and debt reduction.


    Jan and John also reported on the possibility of the Children's Center going to full day care next fall due to the need in Meridian and the decline in enrollment over the years for the half day program.    Sabrina posted a survey on “Survey Monkey” and the results show that 76% of those responding are very interested in full day care.  50% of the present enrollment are also interested.  There is a lot of information gathering that needs to be done.  Maurice Hall moved that we put together a proposal and bring back for the Executive Board to vote on.  Kathy Busbee seconded the motion.  Motion voted upon and carried.


    STAFFING REPORT:  John reported that evaluations on clergy are being done earlier this year and the appointment process will begin in January. 


    Attendance report:  End of August last year 475; end of August this year 498.  Collections end of August last year, $21,696; end of August this year, $23,132.


    John also reported on the ongoing debate in the Methodist Church regarding sexuality.  It basically is a discussion on churches following the Methodist Discipline or not following it.  A group called “The Way Forward” was created at the 2016 Conference to study the direction of the church.  They will report back to the Council of Bishops with their recommendation, then a vote will be held at the special called General Conference in 2019.


    There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned with prayer by Chairman McDonnell.

    Next meeting will be November 19 at 5:00 p.m.