Executive council minutes

  • Central united methodist church

    executive board

    january 29, 2017

    OPENING: Chairman Archie McDonnell, called the meeting to order. There was 100% attendance for this first meeting

    DEVOTION: Reverend John Branning led the devotional and ended with the sharing of Communion and Passing of the Peace.

    This being the first meeting using this Executive Board format, Reverend Branning gave a brief reminder of how and why we are using this format and he explained the function of its members.

    Chairman McDonnell asked that Bill Jacobs be elected as Vice Chairman. Danny Broadfoot seconded. The motion was voted upon and carried. Chairman McDonnell also announced the Ex-Officio Members of this board are David Barr, Lay Leader; Wink Glover, Chairman of SPRC; and Glenda Thomas, Board Secretary.


    Jan Hitt, Church Financial Secretary, gave the following report:

    1. Year End Financials show that we paid 100% Conference Apportionments, 100% District Apportionments, and 100% Church Mission Budget and applied $40,000 to our loan. We received 91% of our budget for 2016. She then asked for and answered questions regarding this report.
    2. Both the Sanctuary and the 11th Street Gym need new roofs. There is $50,026.18 in Citizens National Bank as leftover funds from our first Capitol Funds Projects campaign. Jan asked permission to use this money to pay for these new roofs. Charles Ledbettter moved that we use the money toward roof repair. Wink Glover seconded the motion. Discussion followed. Jeff McCoy asked that Jan get quotes from different sources and report back at the March meeting.
    3. John Branning was given permission to look at the possibility of conducting a Capital Funds Campaign to retire the current debt with possibly utilizing the assistance of the Methodist Foundation and a program they have in place. We will manage the campaign internally to save on fees. John will report back at the March meeting.
    Jan Hitt also gave the trustees report as follows:
    1. Not only does the gym need a new roof, but the sky lights are in bad condition. After some discussion, it was decided that when Jan gets estimates for roofing, that she get an estimate with repairing the sky lights, and also an estimate for covering the sky lights.
    2. The Air/Heat unit for the large gathering room on the elementary floor is out and needs to be replaced. Heblon Air Conditioning service gave an estimate of $7,751.00 to replace. Bill Jacob moved that the unit be replaced and paid for from the 2017 maintenance budget. Jerry Mason seconded the motion. Motion voted upon and carried.
    3. Bob Peden asked that the wall and door behind the Praise Band stage be painted black for videoing purposes. John Drake can do the painting. The wall will be covered when not being used. Charles Ledbetter moved that the wall and door be painted as Bob Peden would like. Jeff McCoy seconded the motion. Motion voted upon and carried.
    4. The two older church vans are in poor condtiton and need to be replaced at some point. Jan asked that we start thinking about the direction we need to go with the vans. She had pictures of a 15 passenger van that was rented for the youth over Christmas. Jan was asked to get estimates for the old vans and estimates for a new van and also costs of selling the old vans and just renting when needed and report at March meeting.
    5. The Senior pastor's parsonage is in need of some minor repairs: shutters on second story are falling off; paint is peeling in some areas; and the front door is showing signs of weather damage. Charles Ledbetter moved to get an estimate of cost for repairs and if $3,000 or less to go ahead and do the repairs. Bill Jacob seconded the motion. Motion voted upon and carried
    STAFFING REPORT: There is no report from SPRC at this time. We will know at the March meeting if our ministers will be returning.

    NEW BUSINESS: The Executive Board will meet every other month on the third Sunday night at 5:00 pm. Meeting dates for the 2017 year are: 
    March 19; May 21; July 16; September 17; and November 19. Charge Conference will probably be the last week of November.

    Archie asked that members be thinking of our long range church mission, the vision that we have for the future and thoughts on how to begin planning ahead. Jerry Mason reminded everyone that since we are now a much smaller group, we must be alert to all members of the church, all concerns and be ready to address issues on a timely basis. Charles Ledbetter asked if this Board has the authority to form a smaller committee (i.e. a Church Van Committee) if necessary. The answer is "yes".

    There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned with prayer by Reverend Branning.

    Respectfully submitted by Secretary
    Glenda Thomas