Executive council minutes

  • Central united methodist church

    executive board

    July 16,  2017


    Members Present:  John Branning, Jan Hitt, Archie McDonnell, Kathy Busbee, Maurice Hall, John David Barr, David Barr, Jerry Mason, Charles Ledbetter, Martha Wright, Sherry Howell, Bill Jacobs, Paul Goldman, Ken Nelson, Amanda Hanegan.


    The meeting was called to order by Archie McDonnell, Council Chair. Rev. John Branning lead the Council in a Communion Worship Service.



    The June financial report was presented by Jan Hitt. At the end of June, we should be at 50% funds received, and we are at 41%.  In June of 2016 we had received 43%.


    The Stewardship Campaign will soon be getting underway.  The church has contracted with MISSIO and KEPHA Research to help with the implementation of the 2017 campaign.  There are several churches in the Conference that have contracts with this company as well. Our goal is an increased awareness of tithing, with increased family units catching the vision of Central and pledging their financial support to the church. The first meeting with this group will be August 2, 2017 at 6:30pm in the Wesley Room.



    The nursery renovation is moving along.  The painting is now 90% complete, the new lighting is finished, and the ceiling has been lowered in the long hall.  New rugs for each room have been ordered, and the floors will be stripped and waxed as well. We still need $3,500.00 to complete the project. We hope to be able to replace the carpet in the playroom area as funds become available.


    Daniels Roofing will be replacing the gym roof as soon as they complete a school roof job.  When we put them off the week in May, they moved to another job and once it is complete, they will be onsite at Central. They estimate being here a week.


    Due to the recent break-in at Central, we discussed installing additional security cameras and installing a security system in the office suites. The Council ask Jan Hitt to research this and email the committee the best option/price, that would meet the needs of the church.



    John Branning ask the Council for permission to close the church office the week of Christmas.  The office would normally be closed that Monday and Tuesday. Many of the staff ask for that week off as vacation, and with 6 services on Sunday, Christmas Eve, he felt it would be a nice gesture to give the staff those extra days.  Jan Hitt will be in the office that week to accept end of the year contributions, processing payroll and accounts payable to close out the year. The Council gave John permission to do so.


    With no other business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned . Next meeting will be September 17, 2017 at 5:00pm.