Executive council minutes

  • Central united methodist church

    executive board

    mARCH 19, 2017

    The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Archie McDonnell. There were 14 members and 3 church staff present. Rev. Branning led the group in an interactive devotional with Communion and Passing the Peace.


    Everyone had been emailed the financial reports. Jan Hitt, Financial Director, asked for questions. There were none. Jan did note that at this point in the year we should be at the 16% level for income and expenses which shows that we are right on schedule. She also noted that Conference askings are being paid on schedule so there will be no big expense at the end of the year.

    ROOFING BIDS: Jan handed out bids from Daniel Roofing, Cross Roofing, and Norman Roofing for all the repairs that need to be done. Daniel Roofing gave a bid of $72,005.00; Cross Roofing's bid was $44,150.00; and Norman Roofing's bid was $186,350.00. Discussion followed, most importantly that Daniel Roofing has done most of the work on our roof in the past and has done a good job; and there is approximately $50,000 left over from a previous Capitol Funds Campaign. As a result of the discussion, Sherry Howell moved that Jan discuss the three bids with Jim McRae and ask him to speak with Daniel Roofing to see if he could come down more in line with Cross Roofing and if he could do the work for $50,000.00, Jan is to go ahead and give them permission to proceed. Bill Jacob seconded the motion. Motion passed. Once information is gathered, Jan will email the Board and, if necessary, take a vote by email on how to proceed.

    PARKING LOT: Jan reported there is a large hole in the parking lot across the street on the 23rd. Ave. side which has been repaired numerous times, but keeps returning. She asked D and E Construction to come and give an estimate on repairing. $26,935.00 to repair the hole, overlay the entire parking area, and restripe the parking or $8,025.00 to fill in the hole, put a sealant on it, and restripe the parking. Maurice Hall moved that we get other quotes, find out what is causing the hole to continue, and if fixable, fix temporarily for a reasonable price. Ken Nelson seconded the motion. Motion passed. Jan will email Board members the results.

    VANS: As indicated in previous meetings, the church vans are old and need to be replaced. Jan looked into a price on a brand new van similar to one the Youth group rented in the past. It meets the requirements that we would need and costs around $46,000.00. We may be able to get around $3,000.00 each for our two vans if we sell them. Lauderdale UMC has 2 brand new vans that they may be willing to sell. John asked for permission to speak with the District Superintendent to see if there is a possibility for us to buy one or two of those vans. Jerry Mason moved that John look into the situation to see if they are for sell and how much and then report back to the Board. John David Barr seconded the motion. Motion carried. 

    STAFFING REPORT: Rev. Branning reported that Jonathan and Kristina Crabtree are being reassigned in July. The new Technical Assistant, Rebecca Parker has resigned. Taurus, our third custodian also resigned. SPRC will hire a new youth minister which will not be an appointed position this time; and they will not replace Kristina. John and Dennis will absorb her duties. 

    OTHER DISCUSSION:  Chairman McDonnell brought up for discussion whether there is a need for a Capitol Funds Campaign. At the present, the church has a debt of $1,230,049.09. We had previously discussed the possibility of a Capitol Funds Campaign to reduce this debt. A committee from the Board met with a representative of Misseo Dei Ministry Services to see how much it would cost for them to lead us in a campaign. The committee consisted of the following: Archie McDonnell, David Barr, John Branning, Jan Hitt, and Bill Jacobs. The initial cost would be $12,000 for a Feasibility Study which we would pay quarterly at $4,000 increments. The campaign itself would cost $46,000.00. Jan also sent a survey out to Sunday School classes to get an idea of what the congregation would like to see us do as a church. The top three issues were: local missions, reduce the debt, and branching out/doing Campus ministries around our area.After much discussion, it was decided that Central is not ready for a Capitol Funds Campaign at this time. Consensus: We need to have a strong Stewardship Campaign that will emphasize paying off our debt and meet some of the objectives from the survey.  Archie asked that everyone think on these things and bring ideas for a more definitive process to the May meeting.

    The Board also gave permission for the committee of five (Archie McDonnell, John Branning, Jan Hitt, David Barr, and Bill Jacobs) to meet between now and May and come up with suggestions on how to move forward and present at the May meeting.

    The next meeting will be May 21, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.

    There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

    Respectively Submitted by Board Secretary

    Glenda Thomas