Haiti Mission Trip opportunity

May 20-26 2017

Our community of faith at Central will be going to Thoman, Haiti to serve and be the hands and feet of Jesus! Our goal is to come alongside But God Ministries and the local Haitians to bring glory to God through missions. Will you go with us? Will you be the hands and feet of Jesus? If you are interested in going contact Kristina Crabtree, Jimmy Carle, or Ethan Bond

Information about Thoman, Haiti

In January 2015 we finished construction on a second Hope Center in the mountainous village of Thoman. This village is located about an hour's drive from our current community. Approximately 6,000 people live in or near this village that has primitive housing, limited electricity, no running water, few jobs, and no medical care.   

The New Hope Center, like the first one in Galette Chambon, has a medical clinic, dental clinic, housing for an American medical missionary family, dorms for visiting mission teams, kitchen, laundry facilities, two rooms for visitors staying several weeks or longer, and eating/meeting space for mission teams. In addition to the medical-dental services, we are able to work with the Haitian people to provide new housing, jobs, increased educational opportunities for the children, clean water, enhanced agriculture production, and, of course, the Good News of the gospel.

Mission opportunities in Thoman include: medical/dental work, construction, VBS activities, Bible Studies, worship services, pastor training, recreation, agriculture work, and other activities. There are many educational opportunities that have never been possible in the area of Thoman and now are available to the local children of Thoman. The highest level of education in the city of Thoman was sixth grade. In 2016, there was a seventh grade class added on to educational building! This goes to show that God is moving in a big way through the education of the children.  

For more information about the city of Thoman visit But God Ministries

Haiti 2016