USA Mission Opportunity

But God Ministries has taken the ministry model of SPHERES in the country of Haiti and now has provided a way to bring the Spheres ministry model to benefit the United States as well. Jonestown has a population of 1,200. There is no grocery store, no medical clinic, no drug store, and no back. There are serious housing issues. There are few jobs. But there are wonderful people there who are loved by God and who simply need real opportunities to better themselves and their families. The ministry of But God ministries implements the Sprehes ministry model in Haiti and will implement the ministry model in Mississippi as well. Here is what SPREHES stands for:

S- spiritual (strong, healthy, life-giving churches)

P- physical (medical and dental)

H- H20 (clean water)

E- education

R- roofs (housing)

E-economic development (jobs)

S-soil (agriculture/access to healthy food)

Just as in Thoman, Haiti, the next step is to fund and build the Hope Center for Jonestown. Teams will begin entering Jonestown, MS shortly after the funds are raised. If you are interested in going in 2017, be on the look out for dates to come! For more information on the upcoming mission opportunity or how you can support this ministry visit But God Ministries website.